This document briefly presents the assessment of the environmental impact of construction, operation and maintenance of the Corridor Vc Motorway passing through
Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. Project Description

The Motorway on the Corridor Vc is a part of the Trans-European ground corridors network. In its final points, it connects the central part of the Adriatic Sea coast and
Budapest in Hungary. As far as Bosnia and Herzegovina is concerned, the Corridor Vc route, in its length of 330 km, runs in the North-South direction, i.e. middle part of the
country passing through the most favourable conditions the valleys of the Bosna and Neretva rivers.

The potential environmental impacts of the proposed motorway have been assessed in four separate Environmental Impact Assessments and cover the full length of the Corridor Vc route. The route has been divided into four LOTs as follows:
? LOT 1: Section Svilaj (Northern Border with Croatia) -Doboj South (Karuse),
? LOT 2: Section Doboj South (Karuse) Sarajevo South (Tarcin),
? LOT 3: Sarajevo South (Tarcin) - Mostar North,
? LOT 4: Mostar North Southern Border with Croatia.

The full EIA reports can be found at the website of the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport:

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